So Nasty!!

I have this one friend who is always eating, now mind you she is small and can get away with doing so, but watching her eat and hearing her eat makes me want to throw up! She is always smacking her mouth, she always talks while she is eating I have even seen food come out of her mouth while she is eating and talking its beyond nasty. We have mentioned it to her before and she still does it now we all make sure that when she is eating we are busy doing something else so we don't have to watch the train wreck that follows her... I mean really how hard is it to quietly eat your food, and sip your drink without slurpping it up!!!!!

GreenEyedGrl GreenEyedGrl
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3 Responses Apr 5, 2010

yeah!!! very true))))

LMAO! Just wish people would catch on and chew quietly but NOOO that's just to hard for some folks lol.