This Is So Gross

I have this friend who is a total sweetheart, but everytime I hang out with him, I loathe having to be anywhere near him when he talks because he constantly spits ALL over me. Do people really not realize that they do this? How do you not notice that the person your talking to feels like their standing in a car wash? He does not have a lisp, or speech impedament or anything so I really don't understand the spitting but it really grosses me out!

Flutterbies Flutterbies
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3 Responses Apr 7, 2008

lmao that made me laugh!

Would it not be kind to tell him the problem. Ask if he realises what he is doing. I remember years ago that there was a girl that I worked with who had the most foul smelling breath. Everyone tried to keep way from her. In the end I was nominated to mention it to her. I told her that I had something embarrassing to talk to her about, and also asked if I could help her solve the problem. A few visits to her dentist sorted things out eventually.

nothing worse than a woman spitting!!!!!!