Murder Of A Hero

My Grandfather was murdered. By a man who called himself his loving son.

You see almost a decade ago now my grandmother, a great woman herself, died. I should have relaized what would happen then. After she died, the man who was never trully her son moved in with my grandfather. I don't think any of us could have predicated it would go downhill so fast from there. Oh it was fine for a while, but eventually it got bad. Really bad. He began to isolate my grnadfather. When my grandfathers lawyer advised him to give his children and grandchildren money so it wouldn't be taxed his bastard child demanded it all be returned. From there it got worse. He began to block others out from my grandfather. THen he blocked the phone lines and refused to take them down even after the courts said he had to. If only I had trully acted then, maybe my grandfather would still be alive today.

Eventually I had enough. I stole my moms car and drove there myself. I walked in. My grandfather answered the door, he was in a walking brace, something he had never needed before. He recognized me but didn't know my name, something that had never been a problem for him before either. I heard the bastard in the background, he thought someone was calling the house and said he was going to call the cops. Then when my grandfather said I was there, the coward ran off like a little pu$$y afraid of a teenager. That was the last I saw of my grandfather for many years.

2007 christmas day. We had just discovered my grandfather was in the hospital for surgery. My mom and I rushed there, but right when we were at his door this b!tch of a nurse stopped us saying we weren't allowed in. My mom broke down in hesterics and another nurse took us down the hall where I explained to her the situation. Amazingly I was allowed in the room, my grandfather didn't look good, his hair was grey and greasy and he looked.... just weak. Yet that slimey scumbag in the corner looked worse. He asked me how I was, how school was going. I spoke well to him and said his daughter would like to come in and see him.

The bastard freaked, said they were trying to take my grandfathers money (when thats what he was doing) and called security on me (something your not allowed to do unless your the patient yourself which he was NOT). I calmly replied that was a lie and he is a freaken nutjob. The b!tch nurse came and tried to get me to leave. I simply turned my head and glared saying I wasn't going anywhere, she didn't even get close. Man my leg hurt so much I wanted to kick that bastards face in. Kinda regret I didn't do it.

Then security came. If I had known they were a bunch of old fat guys I would have just laughed and dared them to try me. I was a black belt, they were a bunch of guys with smushy faces and huge bellies. Yet again for one of the last times in years I had to walk away doing nothing.

2012. My aunt discovered my grandfather was living in some crappy old folks home. Not even a real one either, some cheap little place where you don't even get to walk around. We visited him, he seemed so old then, withered and weakened. He had always looked much younger than he really was but now he looked ... tired. We visited him every day for about a week, almost all of his daughters and grandchildren and great grandchildren he never even knew about. His daughter from conneticut even drove up just to see him as much as she could.

Then I screwed up, I should have gone first thing in the morning to see him that day like I planned. The bastard showed up, if I had been there then it would possibly be different now. My aunt and uncle were there, he went beserk and I mean beserk. He screamed so loud the staff took him away. The next thing we knew my grandfather was taken out of the home.

We went to work immidietly. We attacked him legally, demanding we see my grandfather. Eventually even after all their scumbag delaying tactics we got to see him.

Then he was admitted to the hospital. Conveinently on the day we were supposed to see my grandfather the bastard claimed he had a stroke and had three different stories about what happened all of which are BS. But when we went to the hospital we found out the really bad news. My grandfather was dying.

You see he had surgery a few years before to repair a part of his stomach, and because that evil bas!ard never took him to any follow up opointments over the years the repair began to bleed again. My grnadfather had no idea, when my aunts told him about it he was freaked, he told us and the doctor he wanted to have that surgery to have the bleed fixed. But the monster claimed he had medical proxy, a fact we later found out was a lie.

By now you should realize, the bastard had gone completely insane. He didn't even look human, his face was all droppy, he was pale with little hair left, he looked like some grotsque melted wax sculpture. He definetely has aids, and he was doing major amounts of drugs by that point. He actually snorted cocaine in the bathroom where my grandfather was dying.

The courts did nothing, our lawyer did nothing. Nobody could do anything legally. A few weeks into visiting my grandfather in hospice (we were allowed to visit for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night) I myself got pulled deeper into it all.

We were visiting at night and my mom and I were just preparing to leave when it happened. I looked out the window in the front and saw the monster staring at us there. He was looking livid and talking into his cell phone like mad (obviously to his lawyer). My mom ran back in to get my aunt since she had my younger cousins in the room with her. I walked outside, I stood in front of the doorway and did nothing. I just did not want him going in there and going beserk.

He eventually walked up to me and demanded I move or else. I did nothing, I didn't even respond. He began to scream he was calling the cops, apparently he changed his mind less than a second later as the next thing I know his hands were around my neck trying to strangle me to death. We fought, I threw no punches of my own only blocked his pathetic attempts to hit me. He attacked like... well a crazy freaken drug addict would attack. Eventually he shoved me hard against the angled side of the building (which hurt like HELL and caused a big bruise) and began to try to choke me. At that moment my mom came out and began yelling and a nurse was on him in an instant pulling him off of me. I'm still in a court battle against him because after I claimed he attacked me and had proof of it he claimed I attacked him. First he claimed he had video footage proving his claim, that was proven false. Then he claimed there were witnesses (likely the voices in his head) and that was proven to be a lie. He's lucky I didn't do anything when he attacked, I'm a trained fighter with years of experince, he's a sissy little nutjob cocaine addict. You do the math.

A few weeks later, my grandfather passed away. He died peacefully when his daughters were there. But he wanted to live, he wanted to be with his real family not some skizophrenic, satanic, drug addicted, closeted, sociopath (all of those are real things he suffers from none made up). He wanted his life back, but it was stolen from him. He wasn't even given a proper burial, his wake and funeral were rushed.

This man was a hero, he fought in ww2, was a loving father and loving husband, a top pilot, hell he freaken flew the beatles and had their autographs.

But I will not rest till the one man Iloved and respected gets his justice. Let this be a message to everyone, care for your loved ones always. Because sometimes... they can be taken away from you
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Wow.. I've been your friend here for some time, and I had no idea you were carrying around this kind of trauma. I'm sorry that he was so selfish and ignorant.. I'm sure that dealing with that monster has shaped your perception of some people.
I notice that you often allude to what might be different, or that you could have done something differently that might have kept your grandfather with us longer. Truthfully, the indifference of one person can be tragically stronger than our will to be good and righteous. I believe that you did everything morally right, and have no reason to feel like you made a mistake. You took the high road, and I think your grandfather would approve. Hang in there, friend. :]

its really sad all that happened. i dont ask u to forgive the "bastard". but seeking vengeance..this thought will trouble u only. moreover ur grandfather is no more.

i think u better stay away from that man. try to be happy.

::hugs:: I'm so sorry. :( I hope you have some peace in knowing he was able to die surrounded by the ones who do matter.

I just wish I had been there

Is the case settled yet?

This has happened to me. Im sorry you went thru such a thing at such a young age. Im deeply sorry. I understand at least a little.

The disgusting part is He'll probably get away with it. It looks like he paid off our lawyer to drop our case and even if we did get a new one then he'll slink out of it like the slimey rat he is.

I have never expected law to provide me any justice. And it never has.

Wow! Just try to remember none of this was Your fault!

If only you knew how much of it was....

What I do not how this man was able to do this...

because hes a manipulative monster, the prime essance of evil. the legal system is corrupt and flawed and screwed us over nonstop.