Insinsitive Jerks!!!!

My husband and I went to a movie Saturday night......It's been a long time since we've been on a date and it doesn't help I only get to see him once a month.....

We went to Outback and had really good steaks, salad and shared a delicious dessert.....We were having a good time....

Then we went to the movies to see Dream House which, by the way, was an EXCELLENT movie.....When my husband went to buy sodas, a group of kids got escorted out for making trouble and being obnoxious......

We had decided to sit on the bottom level in front of the screen since no one was there and the top was full.....While he was buying a coke, these same kids came back in and were seated in our row.....I was immediately on the defensive.....My husband came back and we moved down a few seats.....Then I proceeded to tell him what happened while he was gone.....

We are two people you don't want to **** of, but we do use our heads.....So the movie starts.....Two women behind me started to talk during the movie.....After a little while I kindly told them to please be quiet, I wanted to hear the movie.....The kids beside us started to talk and my hubby gave them a look they didn't want to find out the result of and I turned around and told the two women to SHUT UP we payed to hear the movie not them......They finally did and we miraculous got to the end....

I really hate when people talk during a movie....It gets me very irate......Did I mention I paid $23 for the two us for just the tickets.....
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I used to love to go the movie theatre, it was a total escape. I would go in stressed and come out completely mellowed out . In college there was a small theatre in the next town. Monday nights was "Buck Night", (admisssion $1). They would show all kinds of films, old and new. Harvey with Jimmy Stewart was one of my favorites. And then they ran an Ingmar Bergman series of all his films, many with Liv Ulman. I loved the pathos of stories. <br />
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I would be completely focused while at the movies. Thankfully, it was never that crowded that I could move my seat if anything disturbed or bothered me. But then again, i was a strange girl.<br />
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It's too bad they ruined your evening. You pay the money and expect a relaxing evening after a nice meal. I once paid big bucks for my daughter and I to see the Boston Pops. Two women talked all the way thorough it. At the intermission, I confronted them and asked why they have to talk. The one woman ignored me and walked away. I was ready to punch her in the face, But, my anger management course told me to try and seek another solution. We complained to the usher, they moved us from the balcony and set up two chairs for us down on the floor near the candle lit tables. Wonderful ! Then they brought us two glasses of champagne. Better still ! So there we were rubbing shoulders with the Boston Brahmans and drinking champagne. I drank lots of champagne and felt pretty good.<br />
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I feel there are unhappy people in this world who feel they have to make others unhappy and have you join them in their misery. I think in a situation like that I would just ask for a refund and leave. It's not good to suppress you anger, you should express yourself and exert your rights (Damn it, that's what Americans do), and then find another solution.<br />
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Hope you have more success next time ..<br />
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Thanks Monique :-)......I was definitely controlling my anger because It would've been much worse otherwise.......I like how they solved your problem.......It's always good when you get an unexpected upgrade.......:-)

"Be angry and sin not . ." I think is the verse (trust me I'm not an expert) - it's ok to get mad, it is a natural emotional expression, it's just that sometimes it turns ugly . . your kids know you love them when you show "displeasure" in some of their behavior - the world needs more peace makers ... Monique

I wish more movie theatres here in the United States would have the same zero-tolerance of texting and talking during movies that the Alamo Draft House Cinema has; a sort of "Three-strikes and you're out" policy. I bet more people would come back to the movie theatres if that happened.

I completely agree.....That is a good idea....:)

Thanks, Brunhlid. Happy Thanksgiving.


I use to work at a movie theater so I've doubt with these situations before. The hardest thing about these issues is those people can argue the same point, that they paid to see it just like you, and then there's a larger issue. The best thing to do isn't to talk to them at all, just go right to an employee and complain. They will tell the people to stop and if they don't they will be kicked out. Many times you can get a refund too if you're unhappy.

And in the mean time miss half of the movie I PAID to see....I made my point without disturbing everyone else and still go to see the movie.....I don't really care whether they paid for the movie or not......They should be more considerate to everyone else.......

some people are jackasses


I'm sure the rest of the folks in the room appreciated the fact you all took action. I always wonder why the hell some folks go to a place like a movie if all they want to do is talk during the film. If they want to talk, go to a bar or Starbucks.

I like Starbucks better :).....But I totally agree.....Thanks for your comment....

Good for you sweetie, I am so glad I wasn't there I would have kindly helped them out of there seats... I hate rude people, whom are so selfish... Miss you and the kids, and you to BLU....

I was being a lot nicer than I felt at the time.....It was the $23 that induced my generosity......:)