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This Is True...

MY MOM DOES THIS ALL OF THE DANM TIME! She's 57 and she has to comment on the character's stupidity-if we're watching a horror movie, say how unrealistic the stroies are-when we watch romances, (ofcouse it's not-it's a freaking movie!) & then she'll talk about what will happen-when I haven't even SEEN THE MOVIE BEFORE! Whenever a movie is on & she's in the room-I just leave man. Then she asks "Why are you leaving?" One time I made a comment out loud about her talking through EVERY movie-& it hurt her feelings. I felt bad. So now, I just make an excuse to leave when a movie comes on or we have new dvds. Man, I HAVE MISSED SO MANY MOVIES BECAUSE OF THIS! But I"d rather do that than to blurt out" SHUT UP MA-CAN WE HAVE ONE HUH? JUST ONE MOVIE?!!! "  We have movie night as a family if you're wondering WHY our mom is always there when we watch movies.
zalya zalya 36-40, F 1 Response Mar 16, 2012

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Is it possible to maybe talk to her, calmly, when there is no movie on and tell her truthfully, that she kind of spoils your enjoyment of the movie when she talks and makes comments or tells you what to expect? Can you not tell her, without hurting her? I always make a point of telling my kids, they can tell me anything, and I will always take their words under consideration and never be hurt or angry if they are honest. I know, that I can get annoying, but, I try to listen to their needs. Maybe if you tell her, gently, she might just be open to the suggestion that you would enjoy it more without her editorializing.

Yes! For the past 20 something years! She's mean- & she laughed when I tried to.

In that case, I wouldn't watch a movie with her until I've seen it first, then I would just not let it bother me.