It Really Annoys Me.

My father is the worst person at this. I never like watching movies with him, especially if it's my first time of seeing the movie. Because he always talks through it and I wind up missing half of it. Then when I end up watching it again by myself I always finding myself thinking, "I don't remember this." All the way through it. Because he talked over it. It really annoys me. Not just when my father does it, but when anyone does it. Especially at a movie theatre. It's ten times worse when someone talks in a movie theatre. Again, I'll use may father as an example to complain about. If the movie we're watching is a thriller with a few twists and turns and it's my first time of seeing the movie as well as his, he'll still be asking me about the story. "Why did this happen?" "Why did they do that?" I'm just thinking, "Watch the bloody movie and you'll find out. I've seen the same parts of the movie that you have, how am I supposed to know?" But quite nicely I say, "I don't know dad. Just keep watching."
CreedenceGold CreedenceGold
22-25, M
Apr 11, 2012