Not Just Talking...

I have quite the pet peeve of simply just watching movies with people. I frankly just don't enjoy it; however, I have quite the adoration for all sorts of movies. I'm, shall you say, very much a movie fanatic. I find myself often going to the theaters to watch any movie that is worthy enough to see on the big screen. Those movies usually involve horror movies, superhero types of movies, and to bring out the inner child I always see my good ol'cartoons. The thing is, I cannot stand people in movie theaters. It's my bete noire. I have my one movie going partner, who is my best friend, and no one else. Though, it's not simply the 'talking' that gets to me. It's everything. There are the talkers, laughers, clappers, coughers, bag-crinklers, screamers, loud-chewers, texters, constant-going-to-the-concession-stand-goers, people-sit-right-next-to-you-even-if-the-whole-theater-is-openers...etc. Any possible activity you can do besides watching the movie bothers me. What also bugs me, just because I find it weird, is that whenever someone walks into a theater (neverminding if they have already found their seats or not) they always pause right as they get through that entrance way part, and look around like their seats might have magically changed places while they were in the bathroom or getting popcorn. If I go to a movie, I go to watch a movie, not to eat gross, buttery popcorn or drink flat soda. No. I go purely for the movies sake.

Here's my example for a recent movie I just saw. The Avengers. Now as I said, I adore superhero movies, mainly Spiderman. He's my man. So, I go in there, and I always get their early so you can get the best seats, not too far in the back, but not too close in the front, you want the seat that is in the row behind the handicapped seats, because then you always get the rail/wall to put your feet up on. Anyhow, not the point. The movie got terribly crowded, which I hate from the start, but so many people laughed, not only during the movie, but also during the stupid previews. I cannot stand laughing during movies. When a funny seen comes up, you know what you do?

calmly and quietly think to yourself: Yes, I quite see and value the humor in that...

You do not start cracking up hysterics. Just because the Hulk punched Thor randomly, does not give you reason to start going crazy with laughter. Another that also just bugs me, is people who clap at the ends of movies, as they did in The Avengers. There is 'no' point in clapping at the end of a movie, this is not a broadway play. I promise you that Robert Downey, Jr. is not sitting in his beautiful home thinking Oh my god, they loved me, because you know what? he can't hear you clapping. So, don't clap.

Well, that was my rant for the day...
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I understood EVERY SINGLE WORD of this!<br />
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"Yes, I quite see and value the humor in that..." Hahah.. that was great, I am cracking up! I hate it when people talk during movies! Have you ever seen people TEXT during one? (big beam of light) or answer their cell phone? Or...have you ever gone with people who DON'T get why it would annoy you to see or hear these things? "Oh, the non stop talking doesn't really bother me" WTH?<br />
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I loved this, I really did...