I Stopped Listening Hours Ago

This is one of the reasons I hate parties, and meeting new people. Nine times out of ten I get stuck with the excessive talker. I'm all about listening to someone's opinions, stories, or things that they want to talk about, but when its been going on for soooo long without any sort of pause or sign of interest in my input or even a chance to say a simple "yeah" or "uh-huh" thats when I stop listening and start looking for a way out.

Do these people not realize what they're doing? I mean they have to notice that I've completely stopped listening to them when I'm sitting there fidgeting looking around the room, glancing at my phone, sighing or just staring at them with this glazed over look in my eye. Right? I can tell when people have stopped listening to me or when someone isn't interested in what I'm talking about, and I shut up or I hand over the conversation to them. What's wrong with these people?
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3 Responses Sep 15, 2010

The tone of speaking makes a difference

It's a difference in interest....if something clicks your interest, you're set

This always happens to me too! And I cannot help but wonder why they the incessant talkers can’t notice the “cues” of a person being disinterested. When I’m talking to someone and they look bored, I try to finish up what I’m saying quickly (as to not be rude) and then allow them to respond. It seems that the constant yappers are just selfish, and love the sound of their own voices. It makes me want to know what is wrong with the part of their brains that controls their verbal vomit!

Your story gives me hope for your gender.