Where Is The Proof? It's All Propaganda!

I once was talking to a man who had a doctorate and we got on the subject of the holocaust. I said I had friends who had visited some of the camps but I never had. He replied. "It's not true. it never happened. There were prisons for people who broke the law but the whole holocaust thing was a way to make the Germans look worse than they really were!" I also told him I knew men from WWII who had been there when they liberated a camp and he replied, "they liberated theives, rapists, murderers and all the other dregs of society." I didn't know what else to say because he was so strong in his belief that he almost was bullying and frankly, I am a coward. BUT I do believe the holocaust happened and I am so sorry it ever had to happen. I am not Jewish but I suspect they would have wanted me to experiment on as I have odd coloring and don't look like the "master race" at all. It's so sad to know people are still hurting years later because others can't see the truth staring them in the face.
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Pull your head out of your Neo Nazi apologists *** maybe then you can find evidence during your research. And the tattoo's the holocaust survivors still have and documentaries pictures footage of dead swolled bodies piled up after they were gassed is fake alo right? Monster.

have you never heard the saying "least we forget" ? how could it be forgotten?it a major part of the worlds history,its events of the wars that made us free today,and things have been learned,i doubt there is anything as bad as the holocaust.and if there is there are people intervining,or doing things to make it better, as for more effective ways of killing?thats rubbish,hitler gases the prisoners because he could kill 100s of people at once and it cost hardly anything.to gas people that way,we wouldent execute child killers in such a way today,and ther was no help for the victims. as for the man who said it diddent happen? how do you explain in recent years the men that are now old,being prosecuted for war crimes? for the terrible things they did to the prisoners in the camps.what does he think that was? 100s of 1000s of people killed,because they diddent have blonde hair or they were of different religion,or they were not what hitler thought as he wanted in his world. and today people say its not safe,crime etc gangs killing over money and drugs,gun crime getting worse etc yet in the war people wher murderd in cold blood,children gased.and not one or two a week,1000s each day,gased and burned and then threw in to mass graves,guns drugs gang wars,non of that is as bad as terrible or as sick and sad as the holocaust, we should and can never forget the holocaust and we should never forget the soldiers who fought so we could be free,xx

There's plenty of proof. Not only is there movie footage and photographs of the camps when the allies found them, there are extensive documents kept by the Nazis themselves regarding the movement of the Jews, the running of the camps, and the Final Solution agreed by the Nazi high command. Also, statements from survivors of the camps.<br />
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Anyone who disputes the evidence is an idiot or a malefactor.