This is something that simply amazes me. It really just boggles my mind how any intelligent, free thinking individual could possibly think that one of the most barbaric & inhumane acts in modern history never happened?

What's wrong with these people? Really, honestly, what is wrong with them? I'd like to know what they base their belief on and how they could possibly ignore the facts. They will say things like what facts, it's all fabricated. How can you fabricate the mass graves? The ovens? Millions of missing people????!!!! The eye witnesses? How about the survivors of the death camps? Oh, well, of coarse they have all got to be LIARS now don't they?

Wake up people. Wake up & think. Wake up & educate yourselves.

"A generation which ignores history has no past and no future." ~ Robert Heinlein

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I just wish that those who want to remember the Holocaust wouldn't limit their concern to only the Jews, and ignore the 2 million Catholics and the entire Gypsy population of most of Europe...these people were all just as human as the Jews. Why is it always limited to the Jews?

It's almost like limiting the Inquisition to Spain by calling it the Spanish Inquisition. The "Holy Inquisition" was conducted throughout all of the known world! And there was nothing "Holy" about it. I don't recall the Catholic Church ever apologizing for that Holocaust?

My point is that remember the "Holocoust" is often much more about oliticial agendas and money, than about the human suffering of that hideous atrocity. No "Holocaust" no foreign aid to Israel. No "Holocaust", and the "suffering masses" in certain countries have a cause to champion.

I suggest we bury the Holocaust beside it's victims because nothing, absolutely nothing has been learned from it, except more effective methods of killing those we dislike, want to dominate, control, steal from, and those of different religious beliefs that ours.

One could say that we white, Anglo Saxon, Christians inflicted a horrible Holocaust on the Native Americans living here on this I think about the "Trail of Tears" and other slaughters of our first peoples. And what are we inflicting on this Nation's needy, poor, and even on our homeless vets?

Yes, he is. Thanks for pointing that out seadragon.

I'd also like to make mention of the fact that I just recently made a new friend and her grandmother is a survivor of Auschwitz.

i can understand people not knowing about it........ but think it never happened. do people think it never happened? that just seems unbelievable.

I'm afraid it's true...neo-nazis for one & deaf, dumb & blind for the rest. *sigh*

This is news to me. How can anyone doubt the tragedy of the holocaust?! Please, someone tell me there's not really people serious about this moronicism!