Just Because It's Easy..

..people tend to generalize. You are a girl, so then you must be so and so and so. You are 26 then you must be so and so. It would take too much effort to try to see another without putting any prejudices in front, without immediately jumping to a conclusion after knowing a fact about you.. "aaah, so that is why you are like this".. "no, retard, that is what you think!".

Really people do tend to oversimplify me when they try to judge me. Why they have to try to judge me on the first place I've no clue: I don't do that to other people. Again, probably because it is easier. But the part that truly annoys me is when I have to explain why I am not like this, why I don't actually fit the typical stereotype. And I have to explain it a thousand times because it is so difficult to get..

I am so tired of it though, especially because I hardly fit any stereotypes, that most of the time when people approach me that way I don't reveal anything to them. I guess what they want to know is what they think they see. So I leave them with that.

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I say this a lot. Like at least once a week. The exact same thing you are saying now.

It's like my mother in law slapping down a 4 foot-high pile of her issues People and Redbook in front of me as a gift. I politely said I do not read those types of things.

I like to use my brain.

She behaved rudely to me when she stood there, mouth gaping and made this sideways eye thing as if to say "there she goes again, trying to be evasive."

It isn't ******* evasive if I don't like that ****.

Just because I am 20 something and female does not mean I have a head made out of styrofoam and the attention span of a fish.

What is wrong with people?

You can't just walk up to a girl who you know has higher interests like reading books God forbid, shove some insulting crap in her face and then treat her like crap for the reply you get from grossly generalizing.

She was also pissed off that I didn't cave and pretend to like it.

I've seen that, too. Where they know you're different but they are too lazy and shallow to even think of why so they literally pretend you are another version of them and think the only way for you to be friends is for you to act like them and patronize their ideas about you.

Weird and stunted/desperate.

Thanks for this awesome story. I feel you.

I agree! Well said.