I Hated Her.

What can you do? No honestly. What can you actually do about a person who thinks they're all that, has admitted they think so, and even worse : they are right. There was this girl in high school who I had always felt forced to hang out with in a way, because I liked the other girls who "followed" her around at her beck and call and I had to put up with her to see them. She was really pretty, she just was. She had good hair, good skin, sultry-ish eyes, a cute nose, and a perfect smie wih perfect teeth. To top it all off she had really big boobs and this hourglass figure. And she knew it. Even worse, you couldn't call her dumb, because she was really smart, plus she had one of those personalities where she made sure she was always right and knew her facts. Now, she wasn't popular, and she sometimes seemed to resent the people who were, especially if they weren't as pretty as her. But this girl got on my nerves more than almost anyone I've ever known. Don't get me wrong, i am a girl and so naturally I know when I see other pretty girls and us girls get intimidated by other girls for silly reasons sometimes. But this was not a jealousy issue on my account, at least. This girl literally talked about her big boobs, and how boys checked her out ALL THE TIME. I am NOT overexxagerating one bit. It was horrendous! Whenever a guy even entered the room, she would whisper to me " he keeps staring at me " or "he keeps checking me out"... And there were many times when it was obvious they weren't looking her way. Also, if a guy paid her any attention, she would do his thing where she pouted her lips and stuck her chest out, and I would just think to myself, stop! Get over yourself! Not every person who gives a passing glance is checking you out. And even if they were, no one likes a person who can only talk about how hot they are! Gosh. Anyone else ever had this problem?
BrutalHon3sty BrutalHon3sty
18-21, F
May 22, 2012