Two Bit Millionaires

I hate when you go into a bar or restaurant, and some people will look you from head to toe to see what designer gear you may be wearing, They are more interested in what clothes you have on, rather than the person in the clothes.

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don't hate them. They are the poor in spirit. Nobody ever cared about them enough to teach them compassion or empathy. Better to pity the poor creatures. mini

That is very true !

I understand what you mean.. I really am just comfortable being me and dress to what I am able to afford and not think much of it... if one has a beautiful heart they look beautiful in whatever they wear.... But at times it does hit me when you're constantly surrounded by people who loves high end branded stuff cause it's a pressure just imagine when you're in a group having lunch and all they talk about are expensive branded items and who's got the latest fashion or gadget!!!! Ghheezz you're indeed left there staring at your lunch and eating quietly... because I know I have nothing to contribute to that conversation they are It really isn't a nice feeling ya know.. :(

Same every where all over the world Alvin, human nature, we are an inquisitive lot lol lol , I tend to take no notice of people like that and it runs of me like water of a ducks back, as long as the grub is good !! let them look me up and sown all they like lol lol

I have a comfortable remedy to that situation. I always dress weird so they just get used to my way of dressing behavior.

That's so funny. I know people who will look at what you have on and decide that you are a spendthrift and don't care to know you. It works both ways.

It's what I love about EP too - those details are so irrelevant, and the meeting of minds takes place in this wonderful vacuum. It works and is great! X@

Those people are probably not worth knowing anyway. Their company would be really boring if all they think about is how rich they are or how expensive their clothes are.

That's what's nice about living in a small community, no-one really cares. Well not that I've noticed anyway.

Another great reason to avoid bars!

People who are only concerned with how much money you have and how you spend it are really ignorant. Money and having it isn't permanent. It can go away rather quickly.

Yes I have just read it , and that is my point.

I know the type. Everyone's different. The truest and finest designer gear lies deep beneath these so called pricey garments/masks. A true gem within shines bright from within. One can't put a price tag on that. :-)

I agree. All people are interested in these days is what you have not who you are- I find them quite funny

Sad, but real in some cities in the world. Fortunately I live in Australia and we dot give a *rats **** what people wear.

so many shallow people in the world.