Makes People Sound Ignorant And Low-class

Almost all of the people I know who use extreme profanity have proved to be low-class, ignorant, lazy, and just not the kind of people you want to hang around with or call your friends.
People who use this kind of language probably think its "cool" They cannot finish their sentence without throwing in the F word there, the GD word there, or the MF word. It's like they never really learned how to speak proper English. Their vocabulary is so limited, that they can't think of anything creative to say other than: "Oh F***! I'm having a MF****** S***** day!"
If they only knew how to speak English, they would say something like: "I'm having an extremely difficult day!"
Besides, the low-class ignorant part, I think its really sad to see people speak this way around young children. It's incredibly inconsiderate and distasteful on their part. Children are the future, and I believe that what they hear today, is what they will say and become tomorrow.
I especially hate it when Hollywood and people I've heard use the name of God as part of their profanity, I mean, if you want to talk like a street thug, go ahead, but don't drag God into it. His name is reverent, and people who drag His name in the mud, just totally disgust me.
candygurl81 candygurl81
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

Haha I agree with you!! What ticks me off more is when people think it's cool to use profanities.