Something that drives me nuts.  Someone who pretends to be your friend, needs you to listen, wants you to hug them, calls you late at night to pour their heart out and of course being the kind person I am am there for them no matter what.  Hey I dont mind being there for people who need to feel better a friend to listen and care and to let them know that they are not alone in the world............but I get angry about is

When they feel better and their world is alright again they just up and leave, ignore you and you never hear from them again until the next time they need a shoulder to cry on.  This is one of the cruelist things another person can do to someone.  Use them for their own benifits then just toss them away like they were yesturdays garbage.  It hurts to much and you wonder why you even find the energy to care when people do this to you.  I do not want to turn into a cold hearted person but if I keep getting treated this way it may happen.  My heart is giving and all I ask is after I have given you some of it that you just dont up and dissapear.

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

That is so true I've dealt with this repeatedly with at least four or five people in the past four years. I felt really confused because I was a nice people who tried to help others Yet I just seemed to be dealing with these people who would cause all kinds of drama and try to cause problems for me in various ways. This really confused me because I believed the saying "to have a friend be a friend" however, that definitely is not the case. In addition I don't think I was being overly nice I would put up bounderies and yet they would just argue and cause problems or just walk right over them. At this point I really don't trust others at all.

i agree 100% they are never your friends, they are people who know you are always there for them. and i hate that, Im happy someone else feels the same way i do