I was taking a leisurely breakfast at a favorite local restaurant today on my day off. I sat in a far corner near the back. Almost finished, down to a half cup of coffee. Then walked in a couple, and with them, a perfume explosion. I smelled her walking by from 10 feet away -- then they sat in the booth behind me, two of them together on the nearest bench, so that her head was three feet from my head.

I got up and moved, finished my coffee at a different table, and was going to shrug it off. But I decided, before I left, I should say hello.

Me: "I couldn't help noticing your perfume when you came in today." (I assume that they were too self-absorbed to notice that I got up and moved; or, if they did notice, they didn't make the connection.)

Me: "May I ask what it is called?"

Her: (She tells me the name -- unimportant. (It's not the perfume maker's fault -- is it? -- if a person wears too much.))

Me: "Well, you certainly do seem to be enjoying it a lot." I smiled and said good morning.

I can only imagine what they might have said about me after I left. I like to hope that she will figure it out, and scale back her hyper-perfumigation in the future.
greenchair greenchair
Dec 11, 2012