Cry Me a River Name It Reality

"the only reason my story upset you is because you are one of those people who burdens others with your problems and your whining. i do have feelings, to such an extent even, that i understand feelings need to be controlled. strength is required, emotional strength. i am emotionally beyond you because i actually have that. you don't."  


No what is upsetting and would be upsetting for anyone is that your story and your attitude is you are frigid and expect others to be; you are a control freak and expect people to be so, with the least controllable thing in the human experience- EMOTION. With that rigidity you are setting yourself up for a mental breakdown     What you honestly are is scared of your feelings scared of vulnerability your scared to show other people you need support and you do need it when your feeling like a sobbing mess or feeling sorry for yourself you would be surprised  how having someone to lean on can help  

You mistake a martyr complexes for speaking about the misfortunes in a persons lives for mentioning the issues they face the things that they deal with you fail to take time to LISTEN to the persons you accuse of whining to see if they actually have a REASON to whine you fail to understand that even if talking is not how you deal with your problems its how others do

You belittle others for being who and what they are for being various degrees of emotional when people have every right to their feelings and to display them how and where they choose within the law perhaps you should be far less judgmental lest they become your judges and your tormentors

Oh and reality tv is not a gage for the emotional experience only reality TV itself

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don't hear that often glad someone got it

TULICK you're awsome!<br />
Absolutely the BEST argument made a person in the history of the world, this made my day, thank you!

that is a status not a quote <br />
<br />
and you posted that story you call me a ***** then wonder why i might hate people <br />
<br />
thats a no brainer its people like you that make that true <br />
<br />
you are scared to death of your own feelings you belittle others for having emotions you don't agree with and being in public in a way you don't agree with and you call me psycho <br />
<br />
pot calling kettle black i think

how bout you STOP the name calling and get one yourself instead of whining yourself about people who have a life enough to complain about

you don't know how much i do or do not complain or WHY <br />
<br />
and you don't care yet you messaged me the quoted comment then blocked me so i could not respond <br />
<br />
that is after you deleated the former comments on your story erasing the evidence of a vlid couter agument and your name calling <br />
<br />
your story pigeon hold you not me

did you read this ?

i can't stand whiners either. come to think of it, i've been whining a bit today about my mouth, although i try not to act like that as a rule! ;)