I Hate People Who Dis My Experiences, When They Know **** About Them!

 I really hate when people read my stuff...like my most favorite and important experience "I survived a past from hell" and dis it, and put their negitive crap on it, when they know crap about it! I put that out to reach other people who are dealing with (or dealt with) pains from their past, and do not know how to get out, I have been through a lot of tuff, and dealt with a lot of stuff, and I can relate and understand what they are going through and can offer solutions and pass on what I was taught to others in hoping it will help them in a way.............

 What I do not appreciate is idiots who get on there and say it will never last forever, it is no good and so on and so on......keep your negitive crap to your self, if want to wallow in your crap, then go do it else where!! do not read my **** if you are going to down it!!!!  

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

true that.

One of the most common lies that people tell is, "I know how you feel".