I Really F3(|<!//9 Hate People

No, I mean I REALL, REALLY hate people.

Not just some people, but ALL people.

People are stupid. Let's all just face the fact. People are $|-|!7. I'm $|-|!7, you're $|-|!7, that dude over there staring at me as I post this is $|-|!7, and if you're reading this, thinking "Ah ha! I'm not $|-|!7," Well you're quite possibly the singularity of $|-|!7!

People need to get over themselves. I just cant stand people. It makes sense to me that people should just not exist anymore. And I'm REALLY feckin' tired of all these people FORCING THEIR VIEWS ON ME. I dont care! I DONT CARE! Keep your mouth shut! If I WANTED to know how to save the motherfeckin' WHALES, I'd ask. I DONT CARE ABOUT THE WHALES! I really dont! I'm tired of all this "Go Green" BS that's plasterd EVERFECKINGWHERE. I want CONSISTANCY ON IT! If you're going to protect ONE aspect of nature, PROTECT IT ALL. Where are the BUGS RIGHTS ACTIVISTS? Huh? Here's the best one: "DOLPHINS ARE GETTING CAUGHT IN TUNA NETS!!! OMFG!!!" Woah, stall the ball, bud... WHAT ABOUT THE TUNA GETTING CAUGHT IN THE TUNA NETS? You wanna know WHY people dont care about the tuna? because they are UGLY!!! Sorry, them's the broad and the tall of it.

In summary, people P!$$ me off/feck people.
3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Why are you wasting your breath talking to us stupid people? Incidentally, no one objects to tuna getting caught in the tuna nets because WE EAT THE TUNA. :)

yep, people ******* sucks, it's stupid, can't think, etc ... it's nice to know a person that is not part of that sometimes XD

You are also angry... (I am a little drunk right now, and in professor mood, thereby being much more forgiving then any time ever else) Please breath! I agree with ya, and sadly we probably would annoy, even "good" people are frequently "un-self-aware" becoming blights of society.<br />
-sorry to have bothered ya!