They Are Responsible Of That

This is my first story, and I am doing this because I want to receive that trophy...

When i was young i wanted to help everyone, I participate in many charity organizations and I collected money for people. but now I dont do that anymore. not because I dont want to but because I cannot find anyone who can give from what he/she has and I cannot find anyone who accepts what you give. They either want everything or nothing.
When it comes to friendship, I dont believe that people like it anymore. it is nothing but a mean to hide the truth, the truth that they are selfish, mean, and ignorant. I have very few friends, some very trustful friends who never left me alone... I also have some friends who I cannot take out of my mind, they simply disappear without even a goodbye. they took a part of my heart with them and this what let me hate them... 
I do  classify people through their attitude and try to find the good from the bad...When I select my friends, I do give some of them something from inside and I expect them to do the same or at least respect my feelings
I have reached the point of no return, the point where I will shout as loud as possible that "I hate people" ... I dont want to meet any of them, nor to talk to them, I cannot waste my precious time... I like being alone with my laptop and my music in my room. I gave people more than what i can afford and it is time for me to rest.

I have started about 6 months ago writing my theory regarding people's attitude, I stare in every single person, try to see that mediocrity in his eyes, and draw from it a shield to protect myself... 
Do not add me if you want a friend, I am not a good friend anymore 
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It's like they are not use of my talks, I am use to listen to my friends talking about their problems, joys and whereabouts in life but they fail to listen to mine. it's sad that friends forgot to listen and only think of themselves.

yeah you are right, it is just an insolent act for you since they dont respect your presence... whats is sadder is ignoring your ideas about something you are familiar with simply becoz they dont like you.

What I learned from that is to let them talking and smile calmly always, even when they come to ask you for a favor. :)

hmmm...nice lessons you learned from them. I have realized that friends are annoyed when you're always talking,and annoyed of same stories all the time, then I was upset and stop talking with them. They stop talking too.

I also don't like very talkative person, I am annoyed when someone is talking stuffs i don't know and stuffs i don't have any idea about it. it's just annoying to be with a person much more talkative than you.

This story was about 9 months ago, during that period I have learned lots of stuff regarding my friends:1) Never trust anyone 2) dont talk too much, shut up and listen to them talking 3)Dont try to help them even if they are dying.

When i do good to my friends, i am also disappointed to receive nothing from them. I have learned not to expect anymore. I understand why you feel that way, but it's even sadder to think that you were left behind alone and lonely.

Thank you for your understanding lastinglily

Thank you for your comment Naliruns, I cannot try anything since it is not me who is making the decision... People around me take it and I pay the price..I cannot sustain additional pain from people.Your theory wont work because I feel nothing anymore towards people, not even that HATE... I am kind of cold.

I wont give up but I have decided to play it solo. My friends did not leave me and those who did where never real friends

Thats sad, I kinda know what you mean. Because you never know if someone is really upfront. It works different with me, they all pretend they are my friend, but I really never know until they make fun of me, or stand up for me, or are kind. (I bet you can guess what happens more). Anyways, I often find that you have to give your heart in increments, and until you are ABSOLUTELY certain, you shouldn't give your whole heart. Unlike you I classify people on their words and actions, and see how much they match, which is rare. I don't think you should give up on being friends, but try my theory out. Also, try finding people who think the same way as you, and just be hesitant. Sorry that your friends left you, but it happens to everyone, we all have our trials. You can give up and be a hermit, or you can go out, say it is a new day, and try, try, again.