Ok, Just a Little.

I love people.  I'm an extrovert and an attention *****.  BUT I also hate stupid people, and people that are mean, and 85% of the population is either mean or stupid.  So I hate people too.
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4 Responses Nov 29, 2006

I hate people that it's ok for them to take advantage of me but not the other way around.<br />
I hate people because they can pull a serious joke about me messing with their girlfriend or wife but I can't joke about life and death.<br />
I hate people because of their sarcasm, their witty banter or however stupid ways they use to sugarcoat their sayings.<br />
I hate people in the United States because 99% of them break the ice with you by annoying and ******* you off with stupid jokes.<br />
I hate people when they played those certain stupid jokes that I can't tell them about my jokes about the 100 different ways one can die in 5 minutes and they get all scared and annoy and then I ask them, "weren't you people doing that to me for the last 14 freaking years?"<br />
I hate people that date certain people because of skin color.<br />
I hate game developers not putting in decent directions on telling you what to do in a game and tell you it's called immersion and challenging but when in fact, they were either lazy, or not come to the conclusion and tell people the truth that they do not have the expertise to program it into the game.<br />
I hated when men and women stare at me about me being Asian, me walking into a bar to drink by myself, me going into a diner by myself, me doing things that are out of the norm that does not infringe on their or anybodies life yet if I stare back, I am wrong, it's my fault. <br />
I hate how people do something annoying to me and used a stupid excuse that it's part of their culture or may be they are joking, but when I counter attack, they get all stupid and say I am not suppose to do that, that it's underhand.<br />
I hate how people think when they cut me off on the highway that I am not going to throw my xeon 4000k high beams up.<br />
I hate the fact that HDCP and securom is legal and fair game but game cracking is not.

I have my days when 'certain' people drive me to distraction.<br />
<br />
I do not suffer fools gladly, but would rather be in the compnay of a fool than someone who was unpleasant.<br />
<br />
There are those who seem to aspire to being nasty and hurtful towards others, including friends and family members.<br />
<br />
Life is short and I would rather put my energy into people who are worth it.

That is awesome. I just generally hate people. I also think stupid should be painful.

I wonder if you are being conservative. lol