Give Me A Reason

There were people I trusted that hurt me.
There r people who don't know me who think it's right 2 b mean 2 me.

So what reason do I have 2 like anyone?
Trust anyone?
Believe anyone will do anything but b a ******* *****.

Give me a reason.
Give me a reason not 2 b disgusted with humanity.
Give me a reason 2 have faith in the people I haven't met yet.
Give me a reason 2 think we can do any good for the future.
fleurdelacour8 fleurdelacour8
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Ever heard of the ex<x>pression "seek and ye shall find", sometimes when you are feeling like the whole world is crap, crap is all you find, because that's what you are looking for in people, rather than seeing the good in people. It exists in all off us, no one is completely good, or completely bad.