..as A Group.

Some individuals are pretty great, but people in general anger me to no avail, it almost makes me give up on those who aren't so bad.

The people I hate the most are those who feel put down when the only thing that's putting them down is their own lack of self confidence. I do have some lack of self confidence, but not to the point where I'd say someone's 'bullying' me just because they're talking to me in a tone that's not too friendly. People who do that are just crying out for attention, and it's annoying that they want to seem like such a victim, when usually I only speak to these kinds of idiots when they're about to hurt someone. "Oh you're so mean, not letting me do what I want. You're a bully, and think you're better than everyone by pushing them all down" ... Please STFU. These kind of people are those who will go around trying to seem like the best at everything, and pushing everyone else down. The moment someone steps in to tell them 'That's enough, can't you see you're upsetting them?' they go ahead and cry wolf, and lie their butts off to get everyone on their side. Someone clarify how I'm the bully in this situation, please.

Second set of people I hate the most would be those who feel put down because someone has a higher position than them. Sure, there are situations when people do put others down, but when they start acting against you deliberately because they're older and feel they should have more authority, it's just plain ridiculous. I honestly just want to smack them in the face and tell them to stop envying, and get to work so they can be better, if it's upsetting them that much. But, of course, if I did that, I'd be a 'terrible person'.

I'm someone who does my best at helping those around me, yet I constantly get blocked by these kinds of people, and they usually end up turning those who I help against me with story after story. Worst part is, they band together and spread lies around. I'm really getting tired of people, and I seriously wish it was legal to punch some of them in the face.

Next set of people are those who are seriously inconsiderate. Now, I don't really blame them, since they haven't learned what it's like to be on the side they're feeling so against, but they really shouldn't go around throwing situations and laughing about them, while they're completely terrible.

Fourth are attention wh*res. I'm talking about those who go around lying to get attention for something that never happened. Such as a girl I ran into one day while I was in a heavy Roleplaying chatroom. She decided it would be funny to come into the room as a four year old girl, say that her non existent father was beating her, gave us the username of one of her best friends, all just as some sick joke for attention. I doubt anyone who knew what child abuse was like would ever joke about that just to get people to feel sorry for their character.

How can so many adults be so immature and full of BS? Jokes are fine, sure, but some of these situations are just way over that line.

I really wish I knew a way to deal with these idiots, because I'm seriously starting to develop an anger problem with this, I actually feel a heat rise up from my chest until I have to walk away before I turn red. I'm a very patient woman, and for people to constantly push me to that point, I feel like there's going to be no hope for me in the future.
WorldlyParadox WorldlyParadox
18-21, T
May 14, 2012