My Cousins Funeral

Her funeral was awkward. The pastor would go on tangents regarding atheism as, my cousin was smart enough in life to not buy into the whole religion thing. He would stare at me and say “I know some of the people in this room might laugh at the idea of god but, that’s not what I’m here to discuss…” He repeated several variations of this throughout the eulogy, all while staring at my immediate family. The entire service was a disaster. Standing there with my cousin’s body, I recall thinking of how bad I felt for her. They cut off her hair for the autopsy and never bothered to do her makeup. I wanted to grab my eyeliner and at least give her the dignity of going out the way she lived. But, I digress. Our world is an ugly machine. We all get stuck in the rusted gears from time to time. Some of us walk away with scars. Some of us are left behind.
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3 Responses Jun 14, 2012

What an *******. That's like saying "this person died, but what's important is she was an atheist. Who cares how nice or pretty she was, atheists r evil". I hate that a lot of religious people think right and wrong comes down 2 who u worship. THEY'RE the ones who should go to hell.

What a disrespectful thing, the dead should be sent of in peace with joyful memories recalled not ******** of dignity and left with your last remembrance of them be this.

Sounds like that pastor needs a swift kick in the head