Treated Like Crap At Work

I just started a new job and there's like 10 other people in my area. Like only two of them is really nice. The others treat me like I'm stupid, try to boss me around, snicker at me or make faces at me like children. They act mad if I have to ask questions as a new person. The actual boss is really nice. The first few days they were kinda nice to me but then they started acting stupid. Most of them have these really obnoxious, overbearing, abrasive personality and I'm just laid back and easy going. Maybe that's why the attitude. I dunno but I seriously hate them! I'm looking for another job pronto! I figure there's not much I can do, not like I can fight back it would just start fights. I guess I'm just ranting. :(
underthepurplehaze underthepurplehaze
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012