Not a People Person

I am by far a VERY INTROVERTED person. I can't stand people. People have a tendency to do very stupid things. Don't get me wrong. I do stupid things sometimes too, but not constantly. Sometimes people do the same senseless things over and over again and don't realize that they will continue to get the same results. They don't realize that until it is too late.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2007

I just hate people for fun, we have to admit there is so much stupidity in the world, I became a cynic person.

Me too! I hate people now. I feel like i've forsaken love and faith. The're all viscious gossip-mongers, those apes! Was somewhat friendly long ago, but now i feel unsafe wherever there are people, even more when there are clusters of people...boooo

I feel the same too, I hate people, I can't trust anyone and I feel like everyone would ruin me if they have a chance. I have been hurt alot in the past and now I feel like I am totally heartless. I wish I could change though.