I used to clean a nursing home it was the most rewarding job,the residents gave me the strength to live and love at a time  in life when i just could'nt stand the people in this world anymore. I stayed to myself, then this sweet little lady captured my heart, the things i learned about her life and what evil people can do to person's mind. She is still apart of my life , my daughters and i visit with her .
wilter wilter
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 21, 2007

You have compassion,elderly people in nursing home need people to keep an eye on them,some have no families or families who do not care,I worked in nursing homes for years,some old people become little children again,they need love and care and someone who can give it to them is very precious indeed!.Take care.

God Bless you Dara ..see you on the other side.