The Perv Got Fired! :)

At work we had an employee which most of the other co-workers wanted gone. Here is why:

He would try to take sales from other sale associates. He would bother vendors that would be doing work in the store. At times I over heard him curse in front of customers and most of all he was a pervert. He would always refer to woman as Chicks. He was your basic sleeze ball! What he would say about woman, I cannot say here!!

After I over heard using some really foul words in front of a female customer, he made this statement: I use to be in the military and that is how we talk. Well that was not the first time he did this and I was getting to the point of doing something about it myself.

What a disgrace is was as a Man (More Like a Boy)!

When I would come into work and I saw him, I would just tighten up! He just Upset me and I tried to keep my distance from him as much as possible! He and I were the complete opposite especially when it comes to woman. Him being a Foul Mouth Pervert and me being the Gentlemen that I am. He MADE ME ILL!!!!

I was in the Break Room and a co-worker ask me if I knew what happen to this person? I said No. He replied: He was Fired this Morning! The District Office told our manager to get rid of him. All this time they were building a case against him.


I am Glad the way I am and the Respect I have for Women!

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ChipmunkErnie, he referred to them much more than chicks! It was also his gestures and actions that were unacceptable. I am a VERY NICE Caring Man, but when customers had walked out of the store because of him or when he would sell something and was NOT Honest with a Customer(s) that is why he was let go.

Ricki, I am a Gentlemen but he was not and because of his actions, he was let go.

Bigot: NO!!!

Good Man: YES!!!

I agree with you Eric. I was in the Army. We acted civilized when in public places. So that excuse doesn't cut it. I think the fact that he was let go just supports your view. Good employers want employees that will project a positive impression to the customers. As he irritated you....he apparently did others too. Now he's history. Kudos. T.

He Bothered Everyone and Customers did not like him either. Thank you T for all of your support!

You sound like a bigot who disliked this co-worker because he didn't conform to your conceptions of what a co-worker should be. I agree I would not use rude language in public, but your reaction that you have to "protect" women from bad language leads me to believe you've not spent much time around women. For all you know, the customers came to the4 store because of the way this person acted, if he was charming enough.

Unless the customers co0mplain, it's your problem. not their's.

With all due respect ChipmunkErinie, you are judging USA calling him a "BIGOT" for having feelings about someone else he works with, oui?
I like you ChipmunkErnie and I have no issues with you but I find your comment here harsh and hurtful to Eric. Eric is a very gentle spirit. Obviously, there was enough complaints...the man was fired! Hooooray!

Good job ERIC we need more people that treat people on this planet with respect and courtesy.

Thank you Kat for your Support!

I agree catwhiskers. I support people who stand clear against pervs and fowl mouth clods who poison those around them with THEIR eccentricities. Without social norms that define what is acceptable behavior, the world would be in chaos.

I'm really surprised. I thought you were a gentleman too. You can't like everyone. As long as no one gets in my way I say, live and let live but I for my part don't like gobby people.

Okay, I don't remember when I answered this, but I guess I was in a grumpy mood. But it IS hard for me to take seriously someone who refers to someone as a pervert and then follows up in support by giving the example that the person calls women "chicks".

I think it was the way he said it. You can say that jokingly or derogatory.

Or it could just be the way you grew up and the people you've around.

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Good to hear! I won't patronize a business with rude, potty-mouthed employees, and I make sure they know it. I hope your boss appreciates you!

THANK YOU Abbey! He had to Go!

YAYYY!! score one for nice guys!! :)