Pessimists Make Me Tired.

I am not saying that pessimists are bad people. I was a pessimist for a while and am at times still. I just decided after a while that it is no fun being a pessimist! I always love challenges. If the world is as horrible as everyone says it is, then I want to find people and places where things aren't so horrible. I want to see the innocence trust in a child's eyes. I want to see people who shouldn't be getting along, being best friends. I don't always want to be hearing about how horrible life is. I want to hear, 'Yeah, my life sucks, but it will get better.' If I see a cup of water, I want to see it half full, not half empty.
LoraliSophia LoraliSophia
1 Response Jul 26, 2007

You are what I would call a realist. Which I agree with wholeheartedly. It is very good to be realistic and not be a Pollyanna either. The pessimists who annoy me are the people that have a million amazing things going for them and yet still find the negative things in their life first, no matter how tiny, or find only the negative when something good happens.