Peta - Hypocrisy In Living Colour.

Did you know: Last year, PETA destroyed 97.3% of the animals they took into their "care"? Of the 2,366 animals they brought in (other than owner requested spays/neuters) only EIGHT were adopted out. 31 were transferred to other shelters, and 2,301 were destroyed. I'm sorry, but the worst animal shelters in the world have better track records of adoption than PETA. You cannot tell me that you're looking out for the welfare of the animal if you're posting horrible numbers like that.

Note: These numbers are on record with the state of Virginia, where PETA reports annually on the animals it has handled.

If killing animals is so bad (this is according to PETA's own mission statements), why does PETA do it ALL THE TIME?
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PETA really angers me...

i think something should be done really

You are so right