Peta Is a Cult For the Mindless Unemployed

Having recently visited the Peta forums to start a discussion regarding their shock tactics simply becoming offensive instead of effective (I am a vegan, animal rights activist) I was attacked consistently with foul language called names like ***** and b#7ch and told to get off of "their" boards. Mainly by an especially rude group of females that do nothing but post there constantly, searching for anyone that may have a differing opinion from them. They even attacked their own members who came to my defense and agreed that some of their tactics go way too far in exploiting women, using news stories of murdered people to their advantage, dressing as the KKK offending PoC, and they constantly troll boards that don't agree with them.

They are almost frightening in their mindless stupidity and following the Newkirk propaganda line. You can envision the lot of them marching along dressed as the KKK going Heil Newkirk. And to think I was a member once! In one of their idiot stunts they made 2 of their interns lie outside on the ground wrapped in cellophane, covered in fake blood to make a point to some meat co.'s headquarters. In the broiling sun and when one of the interns began to get ill, she was forced to lie there another half hour. That's sick.

They hand out books to children with a picture of a 1950's looking woman on the cover with an evil smile on her face stabbing a rabbit and the book is called: Your Mother is a Murderer!

They are truly insane and must be stopped. I haven't been a member in years but recently needed some material to protest a circus (circuses are very cruel to animals but that's another thread) so i was busy posting everywhere that I could think of to let people know (politely) how the circus treats animals. I spent 80% of the time being called a peta nut job or crazy instead of being able to get my message across about the circus. peta members themselves think they are universally adored and admired and that everyone wants to be just like them, and when they find out you are an animal rights activist that does not agree in violence or to idiotic women sitting pointlessly half naked in cages they will rudely and crudely bash the he11 out of you. I used to defend them, but after researching some of their campaigns over the last few days I realize why they turn people off so much. They would be so much more effective if they weren't so offensive. I hate peta now and plan to when I do my animal rights activities, wear an I Hate Peta shirt. As long as people know you are NOT with Peta they are more willing to listen.

They also have killed over 14,ooo cats and dogs in their facilities because they don't even try to find homes for them. They are supposed to keep them for at least 5 days but often kill them as soon as they get them in their vans. Horrible! they are a vicious, crazy cult of mindless lunatics (not all, but the vast majority) and when you are a member all you get is weekly demands for money. I seriously regret ever having anything to do with them and have made it one of my many missions to let people know the truth about Peta as often as I can. Kids, teens, adults...anyone with an interest in vegetarianism and animal rights....don't join their multimillion dollar cult. You will eventually regret it. And I want my money back!



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I support your right to be vegetarian, just like I support other's right to eat meat. I don't believe in animal rights; I believe in animal WELFARE. Did you know plants are conscious too, and know when you are going to kill them? Google the book "The Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Thomkins. You cannot live in this world without taking life.

What you don't realize is that Peta blackmails many of these celebrities into doing their "I'd rather be naked than wear fur" ads. Here's how it goes:<br />
<br />
" Ms. Kardashian a Peta rep is on the line. They want to discuss furthering your career." Ms. (insert random Kardashian or other B list celebrity) runs to the phone. Peta rep says: "Hey, if you don't do our ad we might have to post and publish that you are a terrible dresser and hate animals." Celebrity weighs the consequences of getting in the Enquirer via Peta and knowing the vast majority of Peta members are in her "celebrity" demographic agrees. Sad and brutal...for everyone. Mostly the animals that Peta never actually helps.

You missed the part where groups of supporters were throwing red paint or water on fur, to symbolize the blood and pain of the animals that died. While I don't wear fur and even hate that people wear fur, it grossly backtracked their "cause". They did more damage, people wanted their furs and ruined furs meant more had to be made to replace what was lost. Frankly their naked women thing sickens me and I'm NO feminist. Naked women have nothing to do with wearing fur or not. Wear cotton or silk then. They've used women as something to look at, a playboy poster under the guise of being a cause for animals. It's a sickening, cruel and lying organization.

I've seen mink die; they are lowered into a chamber of carbon monoxide. They die so fast they don't even scratch at the box to get out. Most humans won't die so peacefully.


I agree. PETA's only real tactic is to shock the public and gain media attention. They did a story on the news about one of their tv ads that was too racy to be shown (it was the one with women humping various vegetables with the slogan "vegetarians do it better"), and I later did a little digging and came across a gallery on PETA's website featuring all the commercials they had made which were banned from television. They're doing it on purpose! Wasting money for ads they know will never air so they can later b*tch and moan "censorship!" and claim that their rights to free speech are being denied. <br />
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PETA is run by evil, conniving bastards and I will never support them.

Jeez..... <br />
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... Rather speechless here... That.... That's just insane...