Hate Hate Hate

I hate talking on the phone. you cant see someones face so you dont know how they mean something or how theyre reacting to what you are saying. you run out of things to say then theres the awkward silence. if the number doesnt come up you have no idea who you are about to talk to and what could happen.


like right now im waiting for the therapeutic community to get back to me. they said theyd ring me at some point this week. they havent yet but im going to be happily going abut my bussiness then they ring all of a sudden and i have to deal with organising things and planning and deciding when i start therapy.



the worst is ringing banks or jobseekers, or looking for jobs. or the first time i rung my dad after a few years. all these required scripts.


it took me three months before i would talk to dan on the phone.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
Sep 30, 2008