Phones Are Evil

 I hate phones whit a passion because people always interrupt my time alone with demands for money. They are a pain in the ***, and the person calling always takes priority over the person who IS STANDING RIGHT INFRONT OF THE FREAKING PERSON BEING CALLED. Also, I get drunken loonie toon ran calls sometimes, and when people call me the WANT WANT WANT but not give. Even worse, is when they call you to ask for someone else, and they want to give to that someone else, and to hell with you. **** phones. I only carry one around because I have to and if I could, I would get one with data plan only because I only want mobile internet.


 Screw phones

blinkingblythe blinkingblythe
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 13, 2009

I suggest getting rid of the housephone alltogether. Its a damn inconvenience.