Costing Me Jobs

Not that it doesn't already cause me problems in my personal life, it has to affect my professional life. I'm almost phobic of phones.

While my first bad experiences with telephones were when I was a little kid, and they were VERY bad, I think the problem actually started in the last few years when I worked at a call center. I have hyper-sensitive hearing, but that actually makes it harder to hear, because I can't tune out the background noise, and so I could never understand a thing anyone was saying on the phone, and I was continuously in trouble, and made fun of, for it. Then of course, there's the fact that people have no moral restraint on the phone and will cuss you out, threaten you, and play rude and tasteless pranks on you just because they know they'll never have to talk to you again or see your face.

I got rid of that job as fast as possible, and now I have a job at school, and a job at home for during the holidays and breaks. I've managed to stay off the phone at both these jobs until today, when they "trained" me for the phones at my holiday job.

In a two hour shift, my first caller had a 45 sandwhich order in the middle of lunch rush, and I got blamed for it. My second caller screamed at me for not being able to speak Spanish (my job requirement was that I speak ENGLISH. Idiot.), the third kept claiming he called a different sandwich shop and I couldn't get him to get off, the fourth mumbled and mumbled and I had to get someone else to take the order.

THEN I got on the bad phone, which they said had static but pressing the mute button would lessen it. It made no difference whatsover. Those calls had to be taken over by my manager as well because I was close to tears when I couldn't hear the other person.

I have one week left before I go back to school. I told my mum it's time for me to find a different summer/Christmas job because they've got me on the phones now. But I can't just keep quitting jobs once I get put on the phones. I need some serious help here, fixing my hearing and getting over the sick feeling I get when I think of answering phones...

DreamSeer711 DreamSeer711
22-25, F
Dec 31, 2009