HATE physics. I can not say this strongly enough. It must be the driest subject in the world. Who cares about how a ball accelerates when hit with a 10 N force or how fast a ball on a string can spin in a circle?? I don't! Why would anyone care about this ****??

The awful thing is, though, that I must find a way to care, because this class is ruining my high school GPA. I have a B, and I have never had a B in anything. And I am a high school senior. Which means that I shouldn't care, but of course I do because it just seems retarded to end my high school career with a B in physics. It would be like letting physics win. WHICH IS NOT AN OPTION.

Overall though, just **** physics. It's a stupid subject that will never interest me ever and just makes my head explode everyday.

hnah1313 hnah1313
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I get your point. Ok you shouldn't study physics if you don't want to get specialization in that subject. It's your freedom. Physics is useless in everyday live. But we all cannot neglect that physics is the foundation of the human technology. go to the subject you're interest in, and you'll succes.

I get your point!