Ok well the other day my co-worker and I went to have lunch and hang out for a while. It was time to leave when I noticed I couldn't find my keys. I went up to the counter and asked if I've left my keys up there, the lady said they didn't find any keys so I summed it up that I left my keys locked in the car. Sure enough I look in the passenger seat and my keys are sitting right there taunting me. Well this wasn't really a big deal because all I have to do is crawl through my trunk and the backseat to open the door. I used this thing to pop my trunk and crawled through, mind you I am wearing some shorts and yes they might have ridden up with all the bending. Basically I was in doggy style  crawling through my trunk to the back seat. Anyways I get out and my co-worker is laughing her *** off and pointing at an SUV. I asked "what are you laughing at" She said "well that man in that SUV over there was either taking pictures of you in the trunk or making a video for later on because you really gave him a show".
I was so freaking mad but in the back of my head it was kind of funny. So in the midst of my anger I walked over to the SUV (the window was down), I reached in and took his phone and put in my pocket proceeding on to my co-worker. This type of reaction from me is normal. Well he hopped out the car and grabbed my arm turning me around. He told me to give him the phone back and I said right after I delete the pictures. I am on the short side and he was kind of tall. He tried to grab the phone and I threatened to break it since I'm closer to the ground. He actually smiled at me and told me I was turning him on, so that was my cue to get my butt up and out. I hurried up and opened the pictures thing on the phone and this dude took like 15 pictures of me and I was only in the trunk for mere seconds. That pissed me off even more and I considered deleating every picture in that phone but I'm not an ******* so I just deleated mine and left.
Ep this type of reaction from me is really normal because I hate people taking pictures of me without my consent so when I see you taking pictures of me I will react but I am never mean about it.
rainbow1691 rainbow1691
18-21, F
May 16, 2012