A Pimple? I Hate It. I Feel Ugly.

A pimple? I hate it. I feel ugly.

I don't have pimples a lot. I've never been a pimple face even on my teenage years. I only get to have one during/ on or before my 'period' or whenever I am super stressed. But when I got to have it, it's always big, noticeable, red, swollen and just..gross. And God, just so itchy! I am not comfortable when I have a pimple. I just cannot go out and face other people. I just want to lock myself in my room and sleep. I hate it. I feel ugly. And even my girls would come in to our house just to convince me to go out, my decision would still be "NO. Like, Never. It would just be a mess if I come with you. I cannot do it."

I remember during my graduation day and it happened that I was super stressed with the past few days. I woke up in the morning and I felt like there's something in my face, I looked at the mirror and I saw a red, huge, hump with a pus inside! "OMG, A Pimple!" I jumped onto my bed and rushed out to my dad and I was like "Dad, we have to see the doctor! Now!" I literally freaked out and about to cry. Thanks to Heaven I have a daddy who's very supportive and understanding. I was beautiful again before the ceremony started. Problem solved!:)

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Haha you're so self-conscious.. :p

You can say that. :p