Margaret Sanger: Eugenics Supporter

Why was Planned Parenthood really created? This woman speaks just like Hitler.

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I just had to respond once more to this video in particular. Once you start playing sad music and have a woman using a frail, elderly voice to speak for "Margaret Sanger", you've lost all reliability in my opinion. Their only purpose is clearly to make other people agree with them, not to start an educated debate on the subject. In doing so they murdered my ability to empathize with them.

So I was doing a little research on Margaret Sanger and eugenics and her relation to Hitler and came up with some interesting ideas from it. The most reputable I've included below to allow others to draw their own opinions. I would say my biggest argument against the Sanger-Hitler comparison is that Sanger never looked to force sterilization or birth control on "unfit" individuals. Hitler on the other hand used government and media to enforce his master race. Margaret Sanger repeatedly wrote against Nazism and Hitler. She was quoted as saying that, "[I] gave money, my name and any influence I had with writers and others, to combat Hitler's rise to power in Germany." - Sanger

She actually taught Hitler. That is a fact.

Brieks07 thanks for providing my educational video for tonight :-D<br />
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I'm a bit of racist myself. But I'm not against African Americans.... I'm against groups of people, -however defined-, who tend to think that ideas and intellectualism have no place in society. I'm sure many racists -think they are justified- and -think- they are actually improving things...<br />
On pumping out 20 kids... "God" set things up so the stupid and irresponsible would reproduce faster than those who "stop and think" and are responsible. Everyone who thinks recognizes this as a "no brainer". One has to wonder how this will turn out... Will those who actually think eventually become a minority just "scrapping by to survive"? Or will they with their greater inventiveness eventually a hundred years from now build spaceships and leave earth and let the children of 20 kid mammas violently push each other around in solitude with them around anymore to watch? Is this what happened when people came to America? Is it just going to happen again... Will the future equivalent of Al Queda just be disgruntled backwards types from Earth not bright enough (or just too lazy or religiously or otherwise complacent) to make it to the stars?<br />
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As for people who blindly follow a disgusting "leader" without asking any real questions about their "agenda", I have enough "on the job training" in this now to have a bachelor's degree and working on a Masters :-D

Def a good post. I think we do need some kind of birth control, even tho I hate the idea of control. It's just that the planet is facing over population. But I don't know how we could implement something like that without being cruel. But there are rampant families out there pumping out 20 kids like they're building an army! WTF?

ILoveMarie, the youtube video posted above is called Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's Racist Founder.

Did Kitty's original post have a video? (they OFTEN do!) ... Can someone send me the title if a YouTube vid so I can search?

A wesome post folks... Glad I clicked.!

It only means nothing is simple. Eugenism was widely supported in pre-war America.<br />
Always useful to keep a critical mind. No heroes, no idols.<br />
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Nowadays mentally disabled women are sterilized without their knowledge, the methods are softer, but the aim is the same.

Since I know have any previous knowledge of Margaret Sanger and her views, I decided to do some research myself. She did not support the Nazi's and their mass extermination, but she did want a "better" race of humans, and her means of accomplishing that was through birth control. <br />
So not a Nazi, but definitely not an angel.<br />
Quotes:<br />
"Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that ob<x>jectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring"<br />
"The campaign for birth control is not merely of eugenic value, but is practically identical with the final aims of eugenics.... We are convinced that racial regeneration, like individual regeneration, must come 'from within.' That is, it must be autonomous, self-directive, and not imposed from without."<br />
"The undeniably feeble-minded should, indeed, not only be discouraged but prevented from propagating their kind."<br />
The quote about black ministers and Negro extermination can be interpreted both ways......that she wants Negro ministers who will put down any thoughts in people's minds that she wants to exterminate the Negro race----like, that she actually wants to do it.....or it could be interpreted as she wants black ministers to be trained to put down the idea that she wants to exterminate the Negro race---because extermination is not her intent. ...To me, it's hard to tell which way she meant it. I think it sounds a little shady, but without knowing more of what she wrote and things she did, I can't make a for-certain opinion for myself yet.

ppl think they are in control of themselves. ha! our parents must hav lost control of themselves or we wouldn't b here! ha ha ha!<br />
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If they wanted fewr ppl with developmental disabilities and stuff, they'd get rid of pesticides and dangerous chemicals. this is just another business making money off of other ppl's confusion.

Designer dogs and AKC "breed standards" were based off of Eugenics rhetoric, as was The Nazi's disinterpretation of Nietzsche's "Beyond Good and Evil" and "Genealogy of Morals".<br />
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I've read Sanger's autobiography, and if she was a Eugenicist, she hid it pretty damned well. Her worries were that immigrant women were basically used as baby factories by wealthy industrialists (child labor, which she fought against, was still legal). Just about the opposite of what was said in this video. You have been duped, my dear.

OMG... reminds you of the people who are bringing in "designer dogs".