Liars And Thieves Of The Night I see you players (especially!) out there on EP trying to hide your true intentions. Let me just say this from the bottom of my heart :**** you. **** everything you think you are or think you stand for. Since when did my sincerity and honesty make me an easy target for peoples obvious games? Trust me when I say I know I'm not the only woman your talking to ( men and women alike). I am very aware of your total disregard for my feelings. I am not a robot, I am a person...a human being and although I am talking to you through a computer it does not mean I can't see what you say or do when you're not looking (these are actions and actions speak louder than words ever could!). It's people like you that make people cold and uncaring/unfeeling. I hold a true feeling of animosity towards some of you and a true feeling of sadness for your victims. I hope one day you fall for someone and they totally rip your heart out of your chest and feed it to rabid dogs.

dirtymouthedgirl7 dirtymouthedgirl7
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

I promise to be respectful of your feelings if you add me. Also I appreciate your concern for rabid dogs; after all, they too have to eat.