No More,please

It turns me into someone I don't like or recogonize,either a screaming,sobbing baby or a psychotic b*tch who wants to kill or harm everyone looking at me the wrong way..I should be  admitted to the psch unit,and locked up for 2 weeks to prevent harm to myself,as I get suicidal on top of this fine mess..I take Ativan for these episodes..I wish I didn't get PMS anymore :(        I feel like Satan himself...

It's funny looking at it this way,and talking about it,but it really isn't at the time..


The doctor put me on another anti depressant shortly after I wrote that story,in addition to my regular ones,and it has helped a lot! The symptoms are much milder,and I still get the tiredness, cramps, and other physical pains,but  in general, feel better,and don't have the urge to kill everyone. :)
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41-45, F
Jul 23, 2010