If I See It I Get It.......

Boy do I dislike this ivy plant. It makes me break out in a rash even if I look at it .  Had it one time I could not even see .  EWE

Had to take steroid pills to have the swelling go down.

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Hey OAD I will try this thanks for commenting !

Ship jumpers....

That's great Kat. And I do know how you feel about it itching.... I always would run hot water over it and scratch till it quit itching......

Me too! When I was little my parents swore up and down that I would get it if I was simply downwind of it. At my Great Grandma Gothems place I always got it if I even went near the barn to play with my step sisters.. The only poison ivy was around the side of the barn and near the back...I never walked back there but still got it every time! The worst I ever had it was between my toes because it cracked open and hurt and itched so bad I couldn't stand it.. it also spread to almost the entire lower half of my body. Thankfully my allergies have become less severe with age. No poison ivy in at least a decade and a half!

Well if it does turn red it is most likely poison......

Yes you may not be allergic. Do the leaves turn reddish in the fall ?

No. Mt buddy can touch the ivy and not get it...

That great.. Glad your immune to this......

Thanks, cj - everything I ever wanted to know about poison ivy. The only thing I really needed to know, though, is I'm not allergic to it. Sorry, buddy. I feel for ya.

EM your my medical hero... Thanks for commenting....

Get Tecnu shampoo.. over the counter in pharmacies (little green bottle). If you've been outside and think you've been exposed to P.I., slather Tecnu on body, let it stay 2 or so minutes on body, then rince in shower. It pulls the poisonous oil to surface, and rinces off instead of infecting skin. Coarse.... Dawn dish liquid does this too to a degree, but is harsh on skin.

Yes I hope I can too........

I have very sensitive skin to that urisol oil.

Why I am here ..lol

Yes the oil from the plant would get on the cat.<br />
<br />
Urushiol (pronounced /ʊˈruːʃiɒl/) is an organic oil toxin found in plants of the Family Anacardiaceae, especially Toxicodendron spp. (e.g. poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac). It causes an allergic skin rash on contact

Yes the oil in the plant is what cause the irritation..

My son is like you and I am sure he will show up with a case of it soon...<br />
<br />
I thought I was pretty immune to it until I went ripping out a bunch at my house. I had gloves on, but apparently it got above them and I had a nasty patch that itched like crazy for a long time.

I get it just if the wind is blowing right..<br />
<br />
<br />
My buddy uses clorox right away wipes ares and never gets it..

My son get's covered in the stuff every summer. He even has a prescription creme to put on he gets it so bad. <br />
<br />
I have only had it once, but I am not a fan of it myself, Hon.

Em your just special is all... knocxkinggggg.,.

THe last time I had a break-out, I was about 11 yrs. old. Formed BOILS on my legs that had to be pricked with a needle and drained into a rag! After that.... never got it again!... knock on wood! *knock knock!* :)

If you like I will rub calamin on you....lol

I hate it too! I once had it all over my face when I was a little kid! Talk about a pain!