Devils In Blue Uniform

Police ! They pity us. Thinking they rule the world! Their just making things worst . After all they are just useless bastards using their career to run us over. They say they help us! But do they ? Do they think putting our loved ones in jail could really help? Well, I can tell you. It dosent! Being an adolescent that can't go through situations, I struggle to cope with the fact my mum will be put away. Police say that they are doing good deeds. Their not! In many cases children with jailed parents go through stages where they are mentally ill. Some even commit suicide! Which means the police's good deeds had forced people to die.

They have never though about this! Just think about not being able to live with your mum and seeing her only on weekends. It kills! I'm going through that. And right now I don't now what to do.
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2 Responses Dec 24, 2011

i just heard your stories. we are allowed to talk back. it is just stating our opinions in anger. police think they can tell us what to do. Police are ******* spawn of satans burn in hell with your devil you **** **** police corrupted **** liar *****

I'm really sorry to hear that but if I may ask why is your mom going to jail? There are some people that do need to go to jail (not saying that your mom does) but police take advantage of their jobs. Like a couple weeks ago my sister and her boyfriend were making out in his car behind a grocery store and someone called the cops. My sister is still a minor but the policeman said she was going to take her to jail. You need to know that my sister won't shut up and she will speak her whats on her mind. So she talked back at him and they got angry. So that bastard of a cop told my dad that they were having sex and that she was naked. THAT IS BS! They were only kissing and both were fully clothed. The cop didn't say anything to her boyfriend's parents cuz he stayed quiet and didn't talk back. Also, my dad has been stopped many times just because he is Hispanic. Once, a police car trailed my mom for about one block as if wanting her to react because the cop thought she was an immigrant. There must be some cops that are good but damn are they rare. Cops are suppose to keep us safe right? Well one time when my dad was driving I think one of his car lights were off or something and my dad saw a police car but the cop waited for him to go into the free way and then pulled him over. Isn't that ridiculous? The cop should have pulled over my dad before going into the free way, not after he was already there.