My Favorite Politically Correct Terms

Fresh start-A nice way of saying throw away your identity.
Sanitiation engineer-Janitor
Separated Brethren-Heretics
Spiritually challenged-Fundamentalist
Humility-Blind obedience
Good Citizen-Government sheeple
Democrat-Welfare recipient
College Professor-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
CEO-Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Employer-Slave Driver
Natural Family Planning-Birth Control without knives or drugs.
Acceptance-Submissive Personality Disorder
Islam-A ripoff from Christianity and Judaism
Etiquette-Rules to artificially help you feel superior to others
Job Opportunity-Corporate control with an extra dollar
Marriage-permission to have sex
Last Rites-free pass into heaven
Feminist-Femal Chauvenist
Jehovahs Witness-Religion Salesmen
Born Again Christian-Fire Insurance.
Conservative Christian-Sadist
American Dream-Cultural indoctrination
Telemarketing-Sale of junk no one wants
Just cause we care-an excuse for being controlling
The Rules are in place for a reason-Because Im in charge I am always right
The Patriot Act-Legalized Eavesdropping
Lifes not Fair-Im too lazy to help fix the ills or society or show any decency
Nursing Home-Roadblock between a quick and painless death
Traditional Values-an attempt to moralize biggotry, authoritarianism, and blind obedience
Moral Depravity-An excuse to control people
With all due respect-an introduction to an insult
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And its for the most part just a joke.