Political Correctness Accepting Lies

Political correctness is what hides the truth in modern society. Because it is so overprotecting of every minority, one cannot speak about them without being "racist". Racism today is nothing more than a minority being able to offend a majority without having to be held responsible.
Whenever someone belonging to a minority wrongs someone, they immediately victimize themselves because they claim to be "persecuted due to their heritage/religion".

The main idea of protecting everyone's personal freedom and rights is of course a great idea wich nobody can disagree with, but it has gone far from the original idea, at least in Sweden.
It is now very angled, and is just a harsh freedom removing feature in the other way. No progress has been made from the fascists or communists, it's just another part of the people that is oppressed.

Of course, stating these forbidden truths are a major insult to anyone believing in the fairness of the current state of this idea, but i think it is necessary for the freedom to be able to say whatever you think is the truth.

Freedom of speech, is also a reserved feature only for the ones who are saying what is already know and accepted. Recently a right wing band of, according to me, idiots were banned from spreading their propaganda, wich should be viewed as a major offense against the freedom of speech.
What is the point of freedom of speech, when you only can say what is already accepted? Is it freedom at all, or is it just a disguise for a new sort of banning political opinions?

I can't say this as a Swede, since i am not native to this country, although i can say it as a person with a personal opinion about this matter, and i think it is embarrassing we accept the ideals of "Political correctness" and having to keep painful truths hidden.
EiPerkele EiPerkele
22-25, M
Sep 28, 2012