Political Correctness Can Kiss My Arse

political correctness gives me the *****.
These holier than thou self appointed arbitrators of good taste and humour. with an agenda for some sort of UN 21st century utopia bullshit can come lick me.  I get a bit sick of the victim, race and gender card being used and abused. 

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I always get in trouble at work for not being politically correct, and you know what???? They can all suck my ****!!!!! I am and will not be!!!

If I was a black female lesbian or homosexual sociallist, I would be living in a Utopia, unfortunately, I am an Anglo Saxon Hetrosexual male, the last people on Earth it is still accepatable to crack jokes about, in the words of Billy Conolly "And Im ******* Sick of it"!

Political correctness is a term used to describe a world in which even social interactions are controlled. George Orwell wrote the "book 1984 in 1948 in which he described a government run by a Dictator who was known as Big Brother, his secret service were called the "Thought police", they controlled everybody by manipulating history books, spoken language(changing Dictionaries to only include new acceptable terminology) and a spy camers in every home, sex was controlled and people could only speak about things the governments current policy supported. The author thought this is how the world could be by 1984....sound familiar?

Amazing isn't it, how fiction becomes fact and yet in so many other cases fact becomes fiction. How about our schools here now omitting and rewriting our English History as not to offend or in fact inform people of our heritage, we made this country what it is and I for one will no ever forget my roots.

Schools in England cannot teach about the Holocaust in case it offends some minority groups...this is a disgrace..

Agree political correctness is a ******* joke and will be the end of us if we don't do something about it.

gagged from having an opinion or view as not to offend others, hey, I'm offended and what recourse do I have, where do I go for assistance? No-*******-where. Self censoring through fear of litigation or being held up for ridicule by others. No, I am sick of it.

******* A RIGHT!

sooks they are. political correctness is a form of gagging views contraire' to theirs. Free speech includes things we/they don't like to hear.

Free speech as long as you don't offend anyone, Freedom of religion as long as you don't say anything about Christianity, nor display a cross, because someone may be offended.
Obey the laws of man, but the 10 commandments are illegal, even tho most violating a few of the commandments are felonies.

agree ^

I hear ya loud and clear, sister.

Yes. Political correctness is just a form of anti-white, and anti-men hate. Its how they silence objections to their evil hate programs.