There Should Be Boundaries, But Not To The Extreme

I don't advocate the use of potentially offensive or abusive language, but I do support the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It's hugely important to acknowledge that "speech" in its entirety is incredible subjective, therefore, what's offensive to one person may not be at all offensive to another person. Most of all, people have do differentiate between what could be viewed as being universally offensive or just individually offensive.

With language especially, this is quite hard to do. We all know that actions speak louder than words, therefore, I do think it is in fact actions that should be took seriously with the highest regard. But of course, one does have to keep in mind that some people do generally take action on their words, so language should be took seriously as well.

I do think political correctness is a good thing in some cases, but I think mostly it restricts people from expressing what they truly feel about something or someone. Many times, instead of actually bringing people together, it can distance people and add even more ignorance to people's understanding of the cultural or racial differences between us.

ellaballerina ellaballerina
18-21, F
Oct 26, 2012