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Tuesday, January 6, 2009 Paving the Way for Jihad From Within  

Chalk up another win for political correctness.

Agence France-Presse is reporting that an airline passenger forced to cover a T-shirt featuring Arabic script reading "We Will Not Be Silent" was awarded $240,000 for his trouble, the payout coming from JetBlue Airways and a pair of TSA officials. According to the wonderful folks at the ACLU, the passenger was approached as he waited to board the aircraft and told to remove the shirt because other passengers felt as though "an Arabic-inscribed T-shirt in an airport was like 'wearing a T-shirt at a bank stating, I am a robber.'"

I'm not arguing that we have the freedom of speech in America. I'm arguing that we all have personal responsibility, however, and that rewarding ignorance and stupidity with large awards sends the wrong message when it comes to political correctness and our future in the face of global terrorism.

When apologies are given to nine Muslims booted from an aircraft for talking about the location of the jet engines and the safest seats on the aircraft, when a passenger is given a quarter of a million dollars after suing because he was forced to remove such a T-shirt while preparing to board an airplane at a New York City airport, what kind of lesson does that give to pilots and passengers who, in the future, want to err on the side of caution or want to remain vigilant for the sake of their own safety or the safety of others? Given these incidents, if next week I'm flying and see someone trying to light his shoe on fire, should I tackle him right away or should I wait until the plane goes down in a ball of fire? My goodness, if I tackle him, the ACLU will be going after my wallet by the time we reach our destination. At least, if I wait for the latter, I won't have to pay him for my discriminatory behavior!

If, in the morning, a bank is robbed by a trio of pimple-faced red-headed teenagers and they get away, wouldn't it be wise for people making deposits and withdrawals across town to be on the lookout for similar-looking people acting suspiciously in their midst? If a woman is raped in a city park by a middle-aged black man with a mustache, wouldn't it be wise for the evening news to tell other women to be on the lookout for sketchy-looking middle-aged mustachioed black men as they jog through the park?

Should a kid wearing a T-shirt adorned with a big heart and the words "I love Dylan Klebold" NOT be kicked out of his Colorado school and forced to change? What about a student at Virginia Tech with a "Happiness is a Loaded Walther P22" bumper sticker stuck to the lid of his MacBook computer?

I don't care who you are -- if you wear a T-shirt with "We Will Not Be Silent" written in Arabic to an American airport, you should expect to be questioned before being allowed onto any aircraft. It's not a matter of race, it's not a matter of religion, it's a matter of common sense.

This politically correct mentality stands firm in the way of the measures we must take to protect ourselves from threats both foreign and domestic. While we must secure both our southern and northern borders, as Mexican men and women are not the only people who cross each under the cover of night, environmentalists fight our Department of Homeland Security over the territorial migration of the endangered kangaroo rat. While we must stay on the offensive with regard to the Global War on Terror, as any military commander will tell you that falling back on merely reacting to your adversary rather than engaging and dictating action is a losing stragegy, we have the activist groups on the political left--and the liberal politicians who enbrace them--decrying our "preemptive war" and our proactive intelligence gathering techniques. While we must provide our government with the tools necessary to ensure the safety of Americans within the fifty states, as those who wish to destroy us never are forced to hurdle political games en route to their ultimate goal, we instead have elected officials like Harry Reid who refuse to admit to their glaring mistakes of weeks and months and years gone by and are thus unable to adapt as necessary to a changing threat. While we must mandate responsible government spending and responsible personal spending as well, as maintaining the strength of a military requires a strong country and strong economy behind it, we're about to see a trillion-dollar "stimulus" plan passed, one which will essentially give a blank check for an overreaching federal government abandoning the Constitution in favor of "social justice." Finally, and perhaps most importantly, while we must guard against the perversion of our national identity and our own ideals by ensuring that those who sit on the bench of the highest court of the land look to our founding documents and the intentions behind them, we've elected a man who feels that judicial activism is necessary, that the Constitution is antiquated, and that the arbiters of justice should, instead of interpreting our Constitution and laws without looking to affective considerations--as the blindfold on Lady Justice demands--rather empathize and know what it feels like to be a single mother, a welfare collector, or an offended airline passenger in an inappropriate T-shirt. All of this, every single aspect, feeds and fosters political correctness -- which will be the root of jihad from within.

Europe is already falling and failing in the face of stealth jihad, and it doing so quickly. Groups like CAIR are the catalysts of the change seen in the U.K. and Spain and France and the Netherlands, the latter pair of which have whole cities controlled by Muslims and Islamic Law to the point where French and Dutch police dare not patrol. Groups like CAIR, alongside mind-numbing enforcers of dhimmitude like the ACLU, are the driving force behind the political correctness that has caused the Archbishop of Canterbury to admit that Sharia Law is inevitable in the U.K.

Groups like CAIR and the ACLU are the forerunners and harbingers of jihad from within, and any red-blooded American who doesn't believe that this nation is following in the dangerous and self-destructive footsteps of Old Europe is either too involved with American Idol and the NFL playoffs or is willfully and knowingly sticking their head in the sand in the hopes that everything will eventually go away and we'll be back to tiptoeing through tulips and singing heartwarming John Lennon tunes.

I'm here to tell you that it will not. It will not. Not unless we somehow wake up and smell the jihad.

Everyday Americans, people of all ages and all political affiliations, seem to get this sense that the great experiment which is the United States of America--if not Western civilization as a whole--is somehow infallible, is somehow immune to the adverse consequences of apathy met with evil. It is not. Every great civilization has had its rise and its fall, and there is no reason whatsoever to believe that we somehow cannot share the same fate as the Mayans, as the Prussians, the Egyptians, the Carthaginians or the Romans.

We are marching ourselves, blindfolded by political correctness, right toward our own destruction. Our need to be careful, our obligation to be vigilant, our struggle to be unafraid is damaged and hindered by apologies and arbitration awards, and I fear that unless we wake up, we'll be handing over our own severed infidel heads before you know it.


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The loss of border controls in the UK has led to massive demands for increased surveillance of people once they are in the country. In effect human rights ocncerns for immigrants is leading to increaasing controls on the resident citizens, which is a bit ironic. I don't agree with all of your drift from crazy PC to social justice but theere is no doubt that persuing any agenda without a view to the wider strategic context is plain stupid. There is a muslim called Abu Qatada who is due to be extradicte4d to Jordan, he is already guilty of murder there but lawyers have secured a pay off for him cos his jail in the UK was a bit harsh. Another muslim terrorist found guilty and serving a sentence is fighting extradition to the US. So much for the special relationship

PC will take away any defenses we have. As it is we can not call the enemy by their name ... terrorist.