Anyone Else Feel the Same

I work as a University Professor, I am not religious and I would say that my views are middle of the road. However, I am becoming more and more depressed by political correctness. Everytime I hear about it on the news I seem to get so angry and it puts me in a foul mood for the rest of the day. I am fed up that you can't have a joke or even an opinion without fear of being called a name or being fired. For example I never really used to think much about gays, we would crack jokes about them. Now I hate them and their agenda. I hate them because of PC, their agenda is forced on us at every opportunity and if you say you are tired of hearing about it or you have an opinion different to theirs then you better look out. The same goes for blacks. I had black friends growing up, I never really noticed. Now it seems blacks can do or say anything, but if you are white then if you try the same you will be in big trouble. You are no longer allowed any critical viewpoint, the only viewpoint acceptable is total adulation. I am so fed up with this PC crap, with the hate speech laws. I am afraid to be myself and depressed about the state of this modern world. Its really getting me down and whenever I see things on TV or the internet I am getting so angry its affecting my personal relationships. Just wondered if anyone else felt the same.

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At least 2 well-known people agree with you: Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

I am filthy on it, I resent those we enable and appease and I have little to no respect for our **** weak Govt's.

I agree mostly but I am not so angry or upset because I do not keep up with the news much of the time. It is out of your control totally, so why let it get you down so much? The feminist rights movement is another so-called minority that you cannot offend without being called a sexist. Of course, they can be as sexist against men as they like. Men never complain.
Personally, I take sexism as a nice compliment. Thank you. This is a virtue not a vice as I see it. Mind you, I have much respect for women, generally but certainly not every policy, law and regulation.Some feminists love it when a man loses his job or dies and a woman gets his job because the purpose behind some feminists is to undermine men's rights and power throughout the world. Single men suffer the most, married ones often benefit.

I've always been really supportive of the gay movement until it became so blown out of proportion that I've now lost all respect for them. I really couldn't care less whether they legalize gay marriage or not. Give them every right that hetrosexual's have just so that they can SHUT UP because I'm so tired of hearing about their causes. The funny thing is that even if we give them everything they want they will still find something to whine about because they like the special attention.<br />
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And minorities and religious groups should NOT have special rights in order to respect them. If the law is a certain way we shouldn't have to adopt if for certain groups as that is unfair for the rest of the people. <br />
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It's interesting how people come to our country and then want us to change to accommodate them. I can guarantee that if the tables were turned the other way around they wouldn't be accommodating our needs.

For a country built on Adam Smith's economics of specialization you would think we could handle the thought that different races have different strengths and weaknesses.

The news is stressing everyone I know out. Stop watching it! It's bad for your health dude.

I agree - I hate to be PC