Offending Through Trying Not to Offend...

Words do not suffice for how much I detest the extremes to which political correctness is taken these days.  There is nothing wrong with trying to just get along with people, everyone wants to be liked and its often easier to just avoid some small issue than make a big conflict out of it, particularly in work-related cases.  However, when it is taken to the extremes I see every day, where no one stands for anything, it becomes a disease in my estimation.  If you have nothing that you are willing to take a stand for what is there in life worth doing?  We go so far out of the way not to offend people that we become offensive ourselves.  I may find your opinion diametrically opposed to my own, but I will respect you more if you stand up for it than if you just say something to placate me.  If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

What I find truly infuriating though are those who preach endlessly about tolerance, I have found these people to often be the most intolerant of all.  Their tolerance is the most superficial kind, it is present until they encounter someone who holds a viewpoint truly different from their own, then tolerance becomes the club with which to beat you.  I am willing to consider different views and opinions but have my own moral code that I adhere to, if said views and opinions do not conform to what I believe to be right, then I reject them.  I stand up for what I know to be right, it often costs me a great deal and has lost me more friends than I can count, but those few friends I have left are the ones that are truly friends, they may differ from me but they respect and accept me for who and what I am and I do the same for them.  Further, they are the ones I know I can count on when I'm in a tight spot.

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Agree with what you are saying, and am going to point something that is highly offensive to liberals: i believe that Americans are generally tolerated. Tolerance isn't appeasing. It isn't loving. It is putting up with others. Let's say that i hate canadian icebacks with a passion. If i am not harassing them, i am tolerating them. Everyone has groups of people that that they hate. It is PC to think that all religious people except muzzies and Hindus suck. As long as these people who hate Christians aren't tormenting them, they are tolerating them. I don't count internet trolling because I'm an original internet user, therefore trolling doesn't exist since we didn't know how to take the internet seriously. I realize that those who started going online in the early 00's take internet harassment very seriously and kids do everything online, so I'm including internet direct harassment of an individual of a various group as being a victim of intolerance. So to be clear, posting "@#@ gays" on a newspaper article is different than harassing a gay via facebook. The US is not the hateful place that the PC thought police want us to think it is. and to those who care, my wife went to school in a 99% white redneck town and was one of two minorities. She says that no one ever harassed her about it.

So that's my concussion-limited articulation of how the PC version of tolerance changes the definition. Don't even get me started on the open-minded term...

Why should bigoted attitudes be tolerated? I fail to see what good comes from hateful thoughts rooted in fear and misunderstanding.<br />
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Could you explain why I should tolerate your inability to be tolerant yourself?<br />
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Also, the OP is a little contradictory anyway. You want people to make a stand, and say you respect those who do, even if that stand is for values different to your own. Great. But then you go on to complain about people making a stand regarding being tolerant of others.

what bigotry are you talking about, his post was well worded and by far anything but bigoted or racist. Go peddle your self Victimization elsewhere

If you are tolerant, you put up with any bs whether you like it or not. What are you, a jihadi that gathers violent mobs to lynch those that offend you?

Couldn't agree more, those that preach the gospel of tolerance then try to deny people they disagree with their voice annoy me. They obviously have not heard the quote <br />
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"Sir I may disagree with what you say but would defent to the death your right to say it".