What do the words "public school" bring to mind? To me, it brings to mind a low-quality shack where unions rule and the most dangerous hold a flame above all of us. It's also a beacon of political correctness.



I had a writing class taught by the perfect picture of a P.C. Satan: He was a recent graduate of a state university who drove a Volvo covered with stickers that said things like "I'm Already Against The Next War." Personally, I agree with that sticker, but that's not the point. Last calendar year, I said aloud in my that class that "I may not be gay, but I'm still metro." (That's "metro" as in "metrosexual.") Needless to say, he was apoplectic. He accused me of being homophobic---he even had the gall to ask me, "How many gay friends do you have?" I confessed that I only had four (actually, at the time I said I had two, because I forgot two others). He said the reason I only had two was because I was homophobic!


Homophobic???!!!! I said, "I may not be gay, but I'm still metro." How is that discriminatory?


This teacher said it was because I was making a "stereotype" about gay people, implying that they all act like metrosexuals. Please! Yes, some don't act metrosexual, but generally speaking, most do. It is a simple fact of life that homosexual people are wired differently than heterosexual people. Studies by Northwestern University and the University of Texas bear this out. I pointed this out to the teacher. Of course, he wouldn't have any of it. His damned public school teachers' union rulebook reads, "Any Politically Incorrect Ideas Or Facts Must Never Be Discussed. Not Even Ones Protected By The First Amendment."


I hate to break it to the world, but the truth is, there are differences between people of different sexual orientations. AND THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY. This isn't to say that same-sex couples shouldn't get married or adopt children, or that homosexual people are inferior or sinful. If anything, we should all celebrate our differences–––be thankful that no two people are the same, and that there are various colors in the rainbow.


It doesn't matter what any wretched teachers' union says: Political Correctness often isn't correct at all.

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Political Correctness is a form of censorship. In many parts of the world today, you can be imprisoned for speaking out the truth or "so called hate speech" I am referring to homosexuality and Islam.

No problem, isaac95.

He's a strange fellow, trying to push extremely liberal ideas down the throat of a student. He's right I suppose, cosider this: You could say that most black people are criminals, you would just be stating a fact, but that would be ignoring the base truth. Crime isn't a black problem it's a poor problem. And we cannot judge each individual on the basis on the catagory they belong to. I'm going to stop because I don't know what I'm talking about.<br />
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Thanks for giving me somthing to think on.